Cycling under water has turned into a massive trend all over continental Europe for the last decade and has already proven its numerous benefits on both health and beauty.  It is suitable for any level of fitness and ideal to complement any fitness regime. It is especially recommended for: athletes in cross-training, weight loss, post injury and surgery, prenatal care, stress relief, lymphatic drainage.

There are several benefits associated with the Aqua Cycling work out, for you to explore below:

High calorie burn

You can burn up to 800 kcal per hour while cycling in the water. Thanks to the support and the pressure provided by the water, blood circulation is sped up and fat elimination is facilitated. The Aqua Cycling workout is an intense cardiovascular workout, an excellent choice if you are looking to lose weight.

Impact free on your joints

The Aqua Cycling work-out is fun and challenging impact-free work-out.

Whether you are an athlete in recovery, an active pregnant woman, you are suffering of any knees of hips issues, or simply want to preserve your body, the Aqua Cycling work-out will please you. Water’s zero-gravity-feeling is perfect for people with muscular, joints or overweight problems. The water supports your body weight. Effectively burns cellulite

Effectively burns cellulite

Water friction acts as a massage for the legs, multiplying by two the stimulation and action on the cellulite, helping to eliminate it. Studies show the connection between the deep leg muscles  and the lymphatic system. Water resistance and movement generate a natural massage that clearly improves the skin aspects and cellulite by draining the entire lymphatic system. The Aqua Cycling work-out becomes an active draining massage, highly effective.

Improves cardiovascular endurance

While in the water, your heartbeat frequency is 10% lower than on land. You work at a higher intensity with a lower heart rate which helps improve your endurance.

Actively enhances blood flow

The hydrostatic pressure of water combined with cycling movement considerably increase your blood flow and circulation, energising your muscles. Water pressure compensates the arterial pressure and improves circulation. If your blood circulates well, your legs feels lighter.

No soreness

When you cycle in the water, don’t be surprised if, the next day, you do not feel any pain. While in the water, you are preventing your body from any injuries or micro-trauma. Your muscles are working out nicely but efficiently.

When you usually feel sore after a land-based workout, you created micro damages in the muscle fibres and connective tissue. In the water, there is no impact on your joints, muscles and bones and you are much less likely to cause any micro-trauma to your body.

Promotes flexibility and recovery

The buoyancy of water allows you to move your joints in a wider range of motion than you could on land. The Aqua Cycling work-out is also a very good recovery work-out after any race, or intense land base work-out. It allows you to recover better and faster.

Increases breathing capacity

Breathing well is the key to a good work-out. The air stimulates the blood flow and brings oxygen to your muscles which help them work better and get an efficient work-out. In the water, you don’t feel out of breath. You increase your capacity in a gentle way.

No sweat

The cooling effect of the water makes it easier for your body to maintain its temperature, putting less stress on the heart. Although working very intensively you will not sweat much, but don’t worry you are still getting rid of toxins anyway! Bring some water with you!